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good experience, 10/10

why transitioning to Godot? i want to know

bcoz unity now makes u pay each time someone plays ur game


not bad 5/10

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This was an EXPERIENCE! hands down one of the most fun games I've played recently.

This is hands down one of the best games I've ever played.

So fun!

Great game. If this game was released on steam or the switch E shop, I would not be surprised. 10/10

I liked level design and difficulty. Nice game

love the downwell color feeling

MAma MIA this game is tough but so good like cuphead


Apparently if you cause enough lag in the game you can glitch through walls.

also when you pause then move to teleport


I'd love it so the camera would move ahead of the character, I often was killed by enemies off-screen. Also, enemy projectiles are too fast, in my opinion. Great concept and game though, especially for a jam game!


I have an AZERTY keyboard so I can't play !

Use a ps4, xbox one, or two nintendo switch joy-cons with bluetooth

We are planning to target multiple control schemes in the full release. In the meantime you can play with a gamepad :)

I don't have one so I'll just wait =P. Thx for the response =]

Wonderful game! Its really fun n challenging yet not impossible


Nice game and great weapon variety. The first level was difficult for a the first level, but doable. However, the second level was too difficult.


I like this! It feels fast and responsive, the art and sound are great, but the screen size is a bit small. I was often killed by enemies I couldn't see. The weapon display box can be a little intrusive as well. Overall great game, hope this does well.


Neat concept. Really nice, consistent art design. The level design is a bit simplistic - it's got a strong arcade feel to it (compared to the mission-based structure seen in something like hotline). In terms of gameplay, keeping stuff simple and avoiding RPG-style elements is a smart move. What i'm seeing here is too fast paced for that. If, however, you decide to build in that direction, go for more of a "downwell" direction with them. Great stuff. More enemy/weapon variety, environmental hazards would make for appropriate focus areas for new content. In terms of enemy design - adjusting the attack telegraphy and range of enemies is the right way to go about smoothing out your difficulty curve. I would love to see this, fully realized, on steam/mobile. 

Really cool game! I really liked the concept and the music got me hyped. The game itself was quite challenging but it was so much fun to play, overall an enjoyable experience :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

The game doesn't work for me. I can move and dash but when I hit a chest, I fire a weapon that then disappears.

Also, which button is "Start"?!?

1. I can't reproduce the bug you reported. If you have a controller connected try disconnecting it if you want to play with the keyboard instead.

2. ("Start") is displayed if the game detects a controller connected to your PC, otherwise the restart button is ("R").

Thanks for the feedback

1) The bug happens when playing with gamepad too.

2) What is "Start" on the gamepad?

Loved the game my friend such a great game in 2 days, just awesome. just one thing i would like to know are you using A* for the calculation of enemy paths or any other algorithm. congrats on your game music is so good,just loved all the aspects.

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Thanks for the kind comment. For the enemy path calculation we are using a slightly modified version of the A* algorithm.

nice bro. Congrats to your team.


Awesome Game love the fast past combat you go from dying every second to being a master of robot destruction

feel free to check out my game


This game is AWESOME!!!! The only thing I would change is to make the camera focus in front of you instead of where you were so that you can see the enemies coming. Great style, great concept, I thought I would let you know even if BOB DOES NOT CARE!

We also made a game where you play as the Only Juan, a Jelly Knight who can absorb colored bullets from enemies to gain their properties and shoot them back! You can play here and please rate here


I'm really loving this, even though i stink at it

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Go on, you can stink at it but BOB DOES NOT CARE :)

~The designer

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Pretty cool game ! It is indeed challenging but I wouldn't call it frustrating, I think it is pretty fair on the player,

that being said, if you take the project further, you should probably zoom out the camera, being killed by an ennemy which just appeared in the screen leads to the player being forced to memorize the level and ennemy location rather than adapting to the situation, and to me, the second option is when this game shines the most

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Oh thanks! 
We didn't realize that, we will definitely fix it.

~The designer


I really like the game but the difficulty is a little hard


I like the game quite a bit, but I also find it frustratingly difficult. Only one life is just kind of overkill in my opinion

Yeah, it was tought to be difficult (we took inspiration from games like hotline miami) but with some time and alot of tries I'm sure everyone can beat it.

And keep in mind BOB DOES NOT CARE, even if it is difficoult ;)

difficult yes, but it pushes the player to master the game and establish interesting strategies on the fly (like destroying a swarm of ennemies following you when you get a laser), and this probably wouldn't happen if the game was any easier


Cool game, cool art. A bit hard core


I really enjoyed this game, and the feel of it. Would love to see you take this further.

Some feedback: I would maybe slow things down a bit. I found myself not realizing what was going on every-so-often. Also, once I ran out of weapons, I was basically stuck in the level. Maybe have the weapons replenish after a while?

Again, great job! Hope more people play it.

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Thanks for the feedback!

At least I (the designer) am planning to take this further. The game surely needs some polishing so we are definally gonna take in consideration your suggestions.


i wouldnt do that , the fact that they dont replenish forces you to think of it in a puzzle style almost